Women in Local Leadership Forum

Celebrate local women leaders, encourage women candidates for the 2020 Council elections and support the goal of gender equality on Councils.  Target 50:50 Women in Local Leadership Forum will be held on 21 June from 5.30pm to 7.00pm at Geelong Regional Library.  For more information click on this link. Read More

Lets Talk Social Housing

At the June meeting of the PCA, Kate Kerkin  Consultant to CoGG spoke about Council’s development of a Social Housing Plan 2016-31.   The plans will analyse current and future social housing needs across the region, provide a profile of current and future population groups who are most at risk of… Read More

Hard Waste Collections

  Book your hard waste collection from CoGG.  Bookings by phone: 5272 5444.  The amount of hard waste must be less than 3 cubic metres. Read More

2019 Calendar of Meeting Dates

General meetings commence at 7.00 pm and unless otherwise advised are held in the Bayview Room (at the rear of Parks Hall).  General meetings are open to all members of the community.   April 3 (Wed)                           June 5 (Wed) … Read More

Draft Settlement Strategy (May 2018)

The draft Settlement Strategy (May 2018) provides a planning framework to deliver housing in the municipality to 2036. On 8 May 2018, Council endorsed releasing the draft as part of the second phase of community engagement for the project. Along with the draft strategy we have provided a summary paper… Read More

Structure Plan (Portarlington)

The Portarlington Structure Plan was adopted by Council in September 2017 and establishes a strategic framework to guide the growth and development of Portarlington over a fifteen year period. For detailed information visit the Strategic Planning site at GoGG. Read More

Social Infrastructure Plan Review

CoGG developed a Social Infrastructure Plan in 2014 to provide Council with a blueprint for the planning, investment and delivery of social infrastructure to meet the needs of a growing and changing community. Social infrastructure includes local places and spaces from where community services are provided.  The 2014… Read More