49 Newcombe Street Working Group

The 49 Newcombe Street Working Group (or ‘49ers’ as they have become known) was formed in 2023 and continues to advocate for an appropriate resolution for the development proposal at 49 Newcombe Street.

A general meeting of PCA members informed the PCA objection that was submitted to Council about this development.

At the request of members and other concerned residents, the PCA opposed the proposal as being inappropriate for that location and that it would block views from the street to the bay.

They were successful in having the then Planning Minister (Hon Richard Wynne MP) call the matter in and – on the advice of his expert Ministerial Advisory Committee – subsequently decide that a permit would not be granted.

This remains unfinished business for the PCA, who have lobbied Commonwealth and State governments about the future of the site, which members believe should be returned to coastal parkland.

We thank Harwood Andrews for their generous support.

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