The Port Report

‘The Port Report’ was created in 1991, when the Portarlington Development Association sub-committee agreed to promote a town newsletter for its traders' and residents' benefit. It was first published in December 1991, and continues as a monthly periodical.

Each month, the PCA submits a report on its activities to ‘The Port Report’.

Past Port Report articles and photographs are found here.

The Bellarine Times

Weekly district publication ‘The Bellarine Times’ often covers stories from the PCA.

Recent Media in The Bellarine Times

Bellarine Times - 9 March 2024.
Bellarine Times - 9 February 2024
Bellarine Times - 9 February 2024
Bellarine Times - 5 January 2024 edition. Photo - PCA Vice-President Diane Kolomeitz, artist Heather Duff and Senior Citizens President Shirley Butler. Photo: ELLIE CLARINGBOLD

Christmas in Geelong

The Beanie Tree featured in the City of Greater Geelong Christmas brochure.