Grid for Planning situations

News from the Planning Subcommittee – the group has drawn up a grid summarising the appropriate PCA responses in varying planning situations.  To view click on the link Planning Scheme Changes or Permits… Read More


At the October meeting our two guest speakers presented on the topic of WATER. Doug Halloran (Barwon Water-Coordinator, Zero Waste Planning)  Doug recommends visiting the site Water for our Future website  for both information and the opportunity for people to be involved, and some slides on the recycled… Read More

Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan

The Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan has been adopted by the Victorian Government.  For more information, follow links to Moolap_Coastal_Strategic_Framework_Plan_-_August_2019. Additional information is available at and  … Read More

Town Planning Resource

The PCA Planning Subcommittee has prepared a PCA Town Planning Guide.  This resource was approved by PCA members at the August 2019 meeting.   The document will remain a dynamic, living document that is subject to change.  Special thanks to Murray Buchanan for his work and dedication to preparing the… Read More

Hard Waste Collections

  Book your hard waste collection from CoGG.  Bookings by phone: 5272 5444.  The amount of hard waste must be less than 3 cubic metres. Read More

Settlement Strategy

A draft Settlement Strategy (May 2018) provided a planning framework to deliver housing in the municipality to 2036.   The final Settlement Strategy was adopted at the October 2019 meeting of  Council.  For further information, visit    … Read More

Structure Plan (Portarlington)

The Portarlington Structure Plan was adopted by Council in September 2017 and establishes a strategic framework to guide the growth and development of Portarlington over a fifteen year period. For detailed information visit the Strategic Planning site at GoGG. Read More

Social Infrastructure Plan Review

CoGG developed a Social Infrastructure Plan in 2014 to provide Council with a blueprint for the planning, investment and delivery of social infrastructure to meet the needs of a growing and changing community. Social infrastructure includes local places and spaces from where community services are provided.  The 2014… Read More