Hard Waste Collections

  Book your hard waste collection from CoGG.  Bookings by phone: 5272 5444.  The amount of hard waste must be less than 3 cubic metres. Read More

Settlement Strategy

A draft Settlement Strategy (May 2018) provided a planning framework to deliver housing in the municipality to 2036.   The final Settlement Strategy was adopted at the October 2019 meeting of  Council.  For further information, visit https://geelongaustralia.com.au/strategicplanning/documents/item/8d5b438a9620da8.aspx.    … Read More

Structure Plan (Portarlington)

The Portarlington Structure Plan was adopted by Council in September 2017 and establishes a strategic framework to guide the growth and development of Portarlington over a fifteen year period. For detailed information visit the Strategic Planning site at GoGG. Read More

Social Infrastructure Plan Review

CoGG developed a Social Infrastructure Plan in 2014 to provide Council with a blueprint for the planning, investment and delivery of social infrastructure to meet the needs of a growing and changing community. Social infrastructure includes local places and spaces from where community services are provided.  The 2014… Read More