In order to achieve its aims, it has been necessary on occasion to form sub-committees of the PCA, comprised of an Executive Committee Member and General Members with a particular interest and/or skill in a relevant area. Planning is an issue that is frequently of concern to members, and most recently, the 49 Newcombe St proposal caused a great deal of interest and activity.  With change appearing to be inevitable in the town, the PCA felt it critical that we as a community began to understand what we feel our identity is, and what we want and need for our town in the future. A working group called the Portarlington Identity Project (PIP) is currently conducting a literature review to inform future consultation.

The establishment of a Community Hub is something dear to the hearts of many PCA members and the PCA contributed to a recent Community Facilities Scoping Study conducted by the City of Greater Geelong Council. You can read the results of that Scoping Study here, but as yet there has been no further commitment by the Council to either providing a purpose-built facility or engaging in improvements to current Portarlington facilities such as Parks Hall.